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Affordable Custom Furniture

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Does custom furniture scare you--is the thought of coordinating a sofa fabric with a pillow fabric overwhelming, or maybe it seems cost prohibitive? The great news is, designing custom furniture doesn't have to be intimidating or extremely expensive.  I recently worked with a customer to put together a living area for her and her family of six. The customer had already sat on a sofa from England Furniture that she liked, so she was pretty confident about the style/frame she wanted, and we focused our attention on choosing fabrics that looked good, were cleanable, and would wear well over time.

We selected about five different mid-tone greige fabrics, as well as three or four different graphic pillow fabrics, and hit the road to look at them inside her house.  Having finished a recent remodel, she was looking to coordinate with her walnut-toned hardwood floor, and light pewter walls.  

We discussed the option of a sofa and loveseat combination, a sectional, or two sofas.  In the end, she chose two sofas, which allows her to arrange them in an L shape for family use, or facing each other for entertaining.  With a transitional look, tight attached back, and a smaller scaled roll arm, the sofas are casual enough for life with four kids, but maintain a tailored look without too much "pillow plumping."  

The client put together her own finishing touches, using texture in an additional pillow, and a basket with several blankets to build warmth in the room.  The shag rug echoes and scales the sofa pillow fabric, and the end table top provides a rich industrial touch.  Of course, a good fiddle leaf fig never hurt anyone, either ;).  

Affordably priced, and in the customer's home in just over five weeks, custom furniture doesn't have to be a scary commitment to something unknown that will take months and months to arrive.  If you're on a deadline and/or don't want to spend your life savings, there are still quite a few quality options available to you that will look beautiful in your home. And they're comfortable, too.


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